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Molecular modelling computer simulations are used by CAM-D PLC in order to develop new active components like detergents (tensides, emulsions), additives, polymers, catalysts and nano materials for the material-science-area. Further areas for computer simulations being employed are medicine- and bio-/life-science. CAM-D PLC uses QSPR (Quantitative Structure Property Relationship) to determine new active compounds in those areas.

Other occupations of CAM-D PLC are experimental development and research in the fields listed below:

  • Pollutant adsorbers used in home- and personal care products
  • Adsorber for desulfurization of organic liquids
  • Adsorber for desulfurization of natural gasoline in fuel cells
  • Adsorber for use in biological separation processes
  • Enzyme inhibitors
  • Super hydrophobic coating systems based on mineral particles and modified fatty acid derivatives

CAM-D PLC develops new compounds for odour control in home- and personal care products. Readily developed formulations are produced in cooperation with industrial partners. New compounds can be applied as additives in liquid laundry detergents and washing powders. Further applications are cosmetics and textile coating.




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